By Justin Stowers @thelast9breaker

A Martial PC receives a letter from a now deceased half elf Kason Wykarz whom he served with in the last war but now works as an agent of House Vadalis. The PC may have worked with Kason recently. The letter contained an enchanted key,and directions to his home outside Shavalant,Breland.Upon using the key to enter the home the PC’s find notes documenting an investigation into a cult operating out of a remote village near the Whitehorn woods. It was Kason’s dieing wish that the cult be brought to justice and cleansed from the land.


Insomnia Files Issue 33: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks

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Special guest Max Wendorf returns this week so we could cover the sequel to the last movie he was on for. Thats right insomniacs, we watched Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. Rock on with us into the jump.

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Insomnia Files: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


Insomniacs, we know in light of recent tomato attacks this episode might be in poor taste. However, we are going ahead with our regularly scheduled podcast. This week your hosts, tackle one of the worst movies ever made, the 70s cult movie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Enter the jump at your own risk.

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